The Index Delphi Study Participant Questionnaire

To help us understand the results of this study, please complete the following short questionnaire.
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1. How many intervention development projects have you been involved in?
2. Have you led a complex intervention development project (e.g. as lead applicant on a bid)?
3. In relation to intervention development which of these best describes you (we know some people have multiple roles but please pick the one that best summarises your perspective)?
3a. If your role is not listed above, please state it here
4. In what area of health have you most been involved in intervention development?
4a. If your area is not listed above, please state it here
5. If time and money were tight, how would you prioritise the following (rank 1 as first priority, 2 as second priority etc). If you want to add something to the list and rank it, you can do so in the box marked Other.
Understanding the evidence base
Identifying and using the right theory
Understanding the needs and views of the people the intervention is aimed at
Working iteratively with stakeholders to design the components of the intervention
Paying attention to implementation and sustainability in the real world
6. Hoddinott (2015) proposes the definition of an intervention development study as one 'that describes the rationale, decision making processes, methods and findings which occur between the idea or inception of an intervention until it is ready for formal pilot or efficacy testing prior to a full trial or evaluation'.

How much do you agree or disagree with this definition of an intervention development study?
6a. Please use this space if you have any comments about this question or suggestions for a definition
7. If there is anything that you would like to tell us about the survey or about the development of complex interventions please do so here
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